Who is Chelsea Vaughn? Meet the ‘The Bachelor’ contestant, runway model and possibly one of the sexiest wives


Overnight, one of the first 25 seasons of “The Bachelor” Chris Harrison said it was the first season to receive a record number of entries from women across the country. Matt James had managed to pique the interest of many, and the number of applications from women who wanted to be his wives had surpassed all previous seasons. Only 32 women eventually made it and made their debut in the season which aired on January 4, 2021, and some of them tried multiple ways to leave an impact on the first Black Bachelor. A handful of these women had managed to get his attention and one of them was Chelsea Vaughn. Here we tell you all about this woman Chris Harrison has described as a “big drink of water” given that she is only half an inch shorter than Matt.

Who is Chelsea Vaughn in “The Bachelor”?

Chelsea Vaugh from ‘The Bachelor’ (ABC)

Chelsea entered the first night wearing the most stunning dresses in “The Bachelor” history. A black dress with cutouts around the waist and an open back got the heat turned up at Nemacolin Woodlands Resort in Farmington. Her gorgeous skin is one of the highlights of her apart from her very impressive height and as a model she presented herself with a lot of confidence and pizzazz, walking like she would if she were in Fashion. New York or Paris Week, scenes that she honored in her illustrious career. Overall, she was able to make a hard-hitting entrance, one that Matt couldn’t ignore and is sure to remember, one of the sexiest brides, for a long time. Not only him, but the rest of the women were also wowed by this stunner’s beauty, as were the home audiences who have tapped into this highly anticipated season.

Who has Chelsea Vaughn dated in the past?

Chelsea’s love life didn’t exist until she graduated from high school and started going to college. To date, she has only had one relationship, a very serious relationship. However, it took its course and ended a year and a half ago. She had been with the person for almost five years and the reason she decided to leave without him was because the feeling that she had passed him was weighing heavily on her.

What kind of man is Chelsea Vaughn looking for?

Chelsea loves a man who will go the extra mile to show what he really feels and truly appreciates when someone can be vulnerable and an open communicator. Vulnerability is what Matt looked for in women in their first meetings and while Chelsea couldn’t open up that much, the public can expect her to. Her dream man, according to her, as mentioned in her official biography on ABC, is someone who could join her as she lives and dines all over New York City. Chelsea are also looking for someone who could spoil her every now and then, even if she doesn’t need to, she says it can be a plus.

What is Chelsea Vaughn’s Instagram handle?

You can find Chelsea on the photo sharing app, her username is @chelseavaughn_ which has almost 10,000 followers. She has some 145 posts on her thread, most of them are modeling photos in which she looks absolutely captivating. Chelsea are ready to reunite with their husband and are hoping it could be Matt James. Follow her journey by logging into the season and here, what she does in her everyday life.

Season 25 of “The Bachelor” airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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